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Foreign nationals, with a valid residence permit, are entitled to family reunification for family members residing outside national territory, with whom they have lived in another country, that they depend upon or with which they cohabit, whether the family relationship arose before or
after the resident’s entry.

In the circumstances referred in the preceding paragraph, right to family reunification is also recognised for family members that have enter in to the national territory, that they depend upon or cohabit with the holder of a valid residence permit

Family members:

  • Spouse;
  • Minor children; or any dependent to one of the spouses;
  • Minors adopted by a non-married applicant, by the applicant himself or the spouse, following a decision by the competent authority from the country of origin, as long as the law of the country recognizes adopted children the same rights and duties as to natural children, and as the decision is recognized by Portugal.
  • Non-minor children, dependent to the couple or one of the spouses, single and studying in an institution;
  • First degree lineal ascendants, dependents of either the resident or his/her spouse;
  • Minor brothers or sisters, as long as under the guardianship of the resident, when in harmony with a decision issued by the competent authority from the country of origin, and as long as such a decision is recognised in Portugal.


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