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The residence permit D2 is for those who wish to pursuit an independent professional activity or for entrepreneurs who want to develop an entrepreneurial project.

The investment must be made through a company established in Portugal for this purpose, within the context of a business plan, which request will be analysed taking into account the economic, social, scientific, technologic and cultural relevance of the investment.

There is a common understanding that a minimum investment of € 5,000.00 is required in order to obtain this permit. However, the law does not set any minimum limit of the investment. Yet, it should be noted that the value of the investment shall be compatible with the activity to be developed in Portugal.


  • Carry out investment operations in Portugal
  • Proof the existence of financial resources available Portugal, namely the financing obtained from Portuguese financial institutions and proof, by any means, of the intention to invest in Portuguese territory.



Portugal tax residents (NHR’s included) are liable to Portugal income tax on their worldwide income from the date on which they become residents. We can prepare and file your annual tax return. The filing season opens in April and ends in June.
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