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The residence permit for investment (Golden Visa) enables third-country nationals to obtain a temporary residence permit for investment, with a long-stay visa exemption.

The Golden Visa is a temporary residence permit valid for a period of 2 years, from the date it is issued and may be renewed for successive periods of 2 years, as long as the requirements necessary for it to be granted are maintained.




  • Holders of a valid visa Schengen
  • The applicants must regularise their presence in Portugal within 90 days of their first entry into Portuguese (if necessary, they must obtain a short-term visa from the Portuguese Consulate in their country of origin)
  • Proof of compliance of the minimum quantitative requirements in relation to the chosen investment activity
  • The investment activity chosen by the applicant must have been made at the time the application for a residence permit is presented and the investment must be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years
  • Living and working in Portugal, on condition of staying in Portugal for a period of 7 or more days, in the first year, and 14 or more days, in the subsequent years


Types of eligible investment activities for the purpose of obtaining Golden Visa


  • Capital transfer with a value equal to or above € 1,500,000.00;
  • The creation of, at least, 10 job positions; 
  • Real Estate Investment acquisitions and Real Estate Investments and its rehabilitation for commercial and services purposes, such investments being of at least €500,000.00 (reduced to €400,000.00 if located in a “low density area”), or €350,000.00 (reduced to €280,000.00 if located in a “low density area”);
  • Real Estate Investment acquisitions and Real Estate Investment and its rehabilitation for housing/residential purposes limited to properties located in a “low density area” (islands of Madeira and Azores or in the interior territories of Portugal), in the minimum amount (€500,000.00 or €350,000.00);
  • Capital transfer with a value equal to or above € 500.000,00 for investing in research activities conducted by public or private scientific research institutions involved in the national scientific or technologic system; 
  • Capital transfer of the amount of € 500.000,00, or higher, for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital fund of funds dedicated to the capitalisation of companies, capital injected under the Portuguese legislation;
  • Capital transfer of the amount of € 500.000,00, or higher, for constitution of a commercial society with head office in the national territory, combined with the creation of five permanent working jobs, or for the reinforcement of the share capital of a commercial society with head office in national territory, already existing, with the creation or keeping of working jobs, with a minimum of five permanent jobs, and for a minimum period of three years.




  • Residence visa waiver for entering Portugal;
  • Freely circulate by the Schengen countries;
  • Family reunification;
  • After 5 years, request the assignment of Permanent Residence Permit under Foreign Laws;
  • After 5 years, request Portuguese nationally, through naturalisation, complying with the requirements of the Nationality Law (Lei n. º 37/81, de 3 outubro).


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