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Horizon Consulting through its network of partnerships and independent professionals provides tax consultation; representation, bookkeeping and accountancy services, assisting both individual and corporate clients with tax compliance in Portugal.

Tax Consulting

Tax Consulting is essential in order to properly advise a concrete case and it is thus highly advisable so as to prevent unnecessary surprises, particularly when relocating to a new country and dealing with a new tax regime. Our rates for tax consulting are within the most competitive ones in the market.

Tax Representation

A Portugal taxpayer id number (“NIF”) is a must for anyone intending to conduct a transaction subject to registration in Portugal, from the purchase of insurance to purchasing or renting real estate (except for the renting of tourist accommodation).

​Unless they are EU-resident, in order to obtain such a number, individuals or businesses must under applicable law appoint a resident tax representative.

Horizon Consulting can act as a tax representative in Portugal of non-resident individuals and businesses and assist them with complying with Portugal tax regulations.

Accountancy and Tax Compliance

In case a person is a resident or, being a non-resident, have Portugal-source income that is not subject to final tax withholding at source, a person has to file a mandatory annual income tax return.

On the other hand, corporate entities must keep accounts in accordance with the rules and file various periodic tax returns.

Horizon Consulting can provide accountancy and tax compliance services to both individuals and corporations.

Portugal will end at the end of 2023 the Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) tax regime. If you are considering applying for the regime or in the process of moving to Portugal, we recommend you update your tax status as soon as possible and that your NHR application be submitted before the end of this year to secure the tax regime for 10 years. Act now!

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