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Horizon Consulting is a boutique private company highly specialized in Portuguese residence and citizenship consultation and in relocation services. The site (hereinafter “Site”) and its content, have been created and will be governed under the Portuguese law.

In case the user (hereinafter “User”) does not accept, in whole or in part, the terms and conditions set forward, must immediately stop browsing and consulting the Site.
This Site is owned and managed by Trivalue Partners Consulting, Lda., registered in Portugal under No. 515 140 309.

Access’ Warnings about the contents of the Site and damages’ disclaimer

Horizon Consulting guarantees that the Site has been created and is managed as much as possible through the application of appropriate techniques and tools to ensure correct and continuous operation and navigation. However, even in relation to the current state of knowledge and technology, Horizon Consulting can’t disregard the occurrence of malfunctions and / or defects in the transmission of content. Consequently, by entering the Site, the User agrees and accepts the following: (i) the Site or any part of it may be temporarily inaccessible due to malfunction and / or connection defects or events beyond Horizon Consulting control;
(ii) unless expressly stated otherwise, Horizon Consulting, has no control over the nature or content of the information transmitted by programs or received by the User in the use of the Site nor will it be attributed in any way to the use of the Site; (iii) Horizon Consulting is not responsible for the material used and / or the conduct required of users during browsing the Site; (iv) Horizon Consulting does not assume any responsibility with respect to the transmission of computer virus of the User or in any way, with respect to the contents originated by third parties.

By accessing the Site, the User agrees:
a) not to use the Site or any published material for any legal or illegal purpose, or as a means of disseminating or distributing in any way, material or pre-ordered content, or for the pursuit of illegal activities;
b) not use the Site in a way to interrupt, damage or render less effective part or all of it or in any way impair the effectiveness or functionality of the Site itself;
c) not use the Site for the transmission or placement of viruses or any other defamatory, abusive, obscene or threatening material, or that in any way may cause discomfort, annoyance or injury;
d) not use the Site in a way that constitutes a violation of norms relating to persons or companies (including but not limited to copyright or confidentiality);
e) not use the Site to transmit any material for advertising and / or promotional purposes without the prior written permission of Horizon Consulting.

Site Usage

Users who visits the Site may access and read all content therein contained, without the need to register data or personal information. However, only with the submission of completed forms or requests for contacts will be contacted and informed about the conditions and services available through the electronic address or phone previously submitted in own forms.
Horizon Consulting is not responsible for any direct, indirect and / or negligent damages arising from the use of the information contained in this Website or from the Website itself as well as from the harmful or disturbing conduct of the User.

Information and content of this Site

All contents and information published on this website are Horizon Consulting’s responsibility that ensures their veracity and transparency. Horizon Consulting strives to provide useful, up-to-date and reality-based information. However, it may not be correct or fully updated. In this regard, we can’t be held liable for any actions taken as a result of or based on information contained or provided by this Website, whether in an action for breach of contract, negligence or other unlawful action. Through you can always send your suggestions or errata.
Completing the forms is free.
In order to register as a user interested in a particular content or service you must complete the form and specify the one you want.
The personal data of each user will be kept as long as the subscription and / or requests of the user are active, with the purpose of improving the services offered, so that after its expiration will be depersonalized and unidentifiable. You are allowed to question the data and may request elimination, rectification, update or completionthe data. These requests should be forwarded to
We suggest that you consult the Privacy Policy of this Website.

Our Responsibility and Contacts

Horizon Consulting is not liable for any direct, indirect or specific loss or damage or any other consequences arising from access or use of this Site, or any information therein contained.
Nevertheless, it is available to discuss the implications of any question that may arise, and the User should contact through the website, or by email to
By accessing our contact area, the User accepts that the information provided through his contact will be owned by Horizon Consulting, who may use it in the terms that they think appropriate, and in no case, will any right or payment be done in his favour by such use. To the maximum extent allowed by law, all warranties, express or implied, charges or warranties, representations and other terms and conditions of any kind relating to this Site or subject matter not contained in these Terms and Conditions are expressly excluded. Nothing in these Terms of Use excludes, restricts or modifies any right or expedient, or any warranties, or other term or condition, implied or imposed by any law that can’t be legally excluded or limited. This may include consumer rights legislation in Portuguese territory, which contains guarantees that protect consumers of goods and services.
The liability of one party to another is reduced insofar as the acts or omissions of the other party, or those of a third party, contribute to or cause such liability.


This service may provide links to certain Internet sites (the “Sites”) sponsored and maintained by third parties. The User acknowledges and agrees that he can’t blame Horizon Consulting for the improper functioning of all third-party Sites that aren’t controlled by Horizon Consulting.
The User confirms and agree that will not blame Horizon Consulting, directly or indirectly, for any damages or losses alleged or caused in result from the use of the services provided by the links in question.

Use of Cookies

This Site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that identify your computer / smartphone / tablet on our server. The cookies themselves do not allow you to identify the User, only the computer / smartphone / tablet used. Cookies are not used for the collection of personal data.
You may at any time configure your computer to (i) accept all cookies, (ii) to notify you when a cookie is generated or (iii) to not download any cookies. It all depends on the web browser you use.
In the latter case, the User may not have full access to the contents of the Site. For more details, see the “Privacy & Cookies Policy” section of the Site and visit, which includes information on how to manage your settings for the various Internet browser providers.

Intellectual and Industrial Property, Copyright and Related Rights

Horizon Consulting ® – All rights reserved. The texts, images, graphics, sound files, animation files and video files on this Site are subject to the legal provisions applicable to the protection of intellectual, industrial and copyright. All protected elements may not be copied for commercial use or for distribution, nor modified or forwarded to other sites. The Site may also contain images and / or references that constitute intellectual property of third parties.
Unless otherwise indicated, the trade names and trademarks on this Site, are property of Horizon Consulting. Without the express written permission of Horizon Consulting, it is strictly forbidden to use such trademarks and distinctive signs, as well as hidden metatags and / or texts containing trademarks and distinctive signs.

Full Agreement

These Terms and Conditions contain all the conditions mutually agreed by the parties regarding the subject in matter and will be considered as non-existing any declarations, commitments or promises, verbal, written or implicit, prior to these conditions.
The fact that Horizon Consulting does not require, at a certain point, the fulfilment of the conditions established in these general conditions or, if that’s the case, particular conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or content destined to the Users of the platform, it can’t be interpreted by the user as a renunciation to demand its compliance thereafter.
Horizon Consulting reserves the right, at any time, to make adjustments or changes to this Terms and Conditions, and these amendments shall be duly published on this website. The published version of the website is the one that is currently in force.

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by Portuguese law.


Should any User have any questions about these Terms and Conditions of Use or any comments about the Site, please contact:

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